Dr Linda Nguy
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Linda Nguy is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Delhi Road Clinic located in North Ryde, NSW, Australia. She is trained in the assessment and treatment of older adolescents and adults who may suffer from a wide range of psychiatric illnesses.

Dr Linda Nguy was trained at the University of Sydney where she earned degrees in Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Science and Doctor of Clinical Psychology.

She has trained and worked in Community Health Centres, clinics, and both private and public hospitals where she has done both individual and group therapy. During her time at Northside Clinic (Greenwich, NSW), a Sydney psychiatric hospital, she specialised in the management and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. She was also the co-founder and facilitator of a Bipolar Disorder group therapy program based at Northside Clinic.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Linda Nguy also specialises in working with Christian clients experiencing difficulties with their mental health (e.g. related to stress, anxiety, depression, relationships and work issues). These clients include people in the church community, those training at bible colleges, vocational ministry workers (e.g. pastors, ministers, MTS workers) and missionaries. In support of vocational ministry workers, full-time bible college students and missionaries, Dr Linda Nguy offers concessional prices for psychological therapy sessions for this group. For more information click here.

Dr Linda Nguy adopts a variety of treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioural TherapyAcceptance and Commitment Therapy, and training in Mindfulness skills.